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Samakjë's Menu Highlights: What to Order on Your Visit

stumbling upon a seafood restaurant in dubai could mean turning a regular meal into an unforgettable culinary adventure. samakjë is undoubtedly one of the best in dubai among its many seafood restaurants. the place that always has gourmets at its doorstep, thanks to its one-of-a-kind menu, which combines authentic mediterranean flavours and innovative lebanese dishes, evokes a truly exclusive gastronomic experience.

the essence of samakjë: a premier dubai seafood restaurant

samakjë is one of the most popular restaurants in dubai, which is not only known for its seafood cuisine, but also for embodying the concept of blending fine dining and live entertainment. our menu contributes to recognizing the history of this emirate's seafood culture and the lebanese creative spirit. as samakjë cooks various seafood, connoisseurs from the local and international markets are accommodated. thus, our restaurant place ought to be on every seafarer's itinerary.


when you walk into samakjë, starter options pave the way for your tongue to start tasting an ocean of flavours. we recommend the seafood soup, as it brings comfort while still being rich in flavour. another must-try is the calamari, which is deep-fried to that golden crispiness and has mouth-watering tender meat inside, a benchmark for seafood restaurants in dubai.

main courses

the meat dishes at the culinary emporium are where all the magic happens. the signature seafood platter, representing the freshest catch of the day, such as grilled shrimp, octopus, and fish. the lobster thermidor, a highly luxurious dish for people who prefer it, brings unique, rich, and beautiful tastes into the mouth and illuminates the eyes.

our menu is not merely a list of dishes but a story of gastronomy and invention. taking care in each preparation, the flavours of seafood shine through yet remain in the background and do not dominate. the fish tajine, which comes from such a philosophy, is a perfect example, as it weaves around traditional cooking skills while at the same time providing contemporary flavours, creating a dish that is both familiar and new.

desserts and beverages

the main thing to highlight in the samakjë menu is the desserts and drinks you should take advantage of. the dessert menu completes your dining adventure and has options that pair well with the seafood-based meal. for cocktails, the mixology experts behind samakjë have come up with unique creations that match the ingenuity of the food menu, offering a refreshing balance to the rich flavours of the plates.

samakjë is not just another seafood restaurant located in dubai city but a culinary destination that guarantees a matchless dining experience. whatever type of enthusiast you are or if you simply want to dip your toes into the world of authentic and innovative seafood, samakjë possesses a menu that will delight everyone, making it one of the best seafood restaurants in dubai.


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