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Embrace Ramadan's Spirit with Samakjë's Exclusive Dining Experience

as the holy month of ramadan graces us once again, samakjë invites you to commemorate this time of reflection, unity, and tradition through our specially curated iftar and suhoor menus. nestled atop the nakheel mall rooftop in the heart of palm jumeirah, samakjë offers a unique blend of lebanese and mediterranean culinary delights.

iftar at samakjë: a feast for the senses

from sunset to 8:30 pm, every day of the week, our doors open for an iftar experience like no other. priced at aed 169 per person, our sharing menu caters to groups of four, weaving a tapestry of flavours and aromas that promise to enchant.

soup and mezze: the prelude to delight choose from our selection of soul-warming soups including lentil, vegetable, harira, and chicken & mushroom, setting the stage for the culinary journey ahead. the mezze platter to share boasts favourites like fattoush, hummus, fish tajine, and more, ensuring every palate is greeted with its preferred taste.

mains and desserts: culinary masterpieces the main course offers a choice among the dish of the day, fish sayadieh, lamb ouzi, and a mix grill platter. to sweeten the experience, delve into our desserts, halawet el jibn or katayef with walnuts, each a nod to traditional ramadan delights.

sip on ramadan classics like jallab, kamaredine, and laban, each a refreshing companion to your meal.

suhoor at samakjë: the quintessence of tradition

as the night deepens, samakjë's suhoor menu, available à la carte, offers a serene yet authentic pre-dawn dining experience. from the refreshing fattoush and tabbouleh to the rich and creamy hummus and moutabal, each dish is crafted to offer sustenance and satisfaction until the next iftar.

grilled perfection and sweet endings our main courses, including grilled chicken and lamb skewers, along with a mix grill platter, provide hearty options. conclude with cheese kunafeh, halawet el jibn, or sahlab with kaak, each promising a sweet end to your suhoor.

why choose samakjë this ramadan?

samakjë stands apart with its exceptional ambiance, high-quality food, and a commitment to hospitality that resonates with the spirit of ramadan. our iftar and suhoor menus are designed not just to satiate hunger but to provide a space for peaceful reflection and communal joy.

as the holy month in underway, we invite you to experience the warmth and generosity of samakjë. make your reservations online by clicking here for iftar and for suhoor to partake in a journey that promises to be both memorable and spiritually fulfilling.


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