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Discover Samakjë's Live Music Nights & Harbor Events

in the heart of dubai's palm jumeirah, samakjë emerges as a culinary destination and a vibrant cultural hub. our harbor events, conceived by the renowned music producer walid al massih, is a testament to the city's ever-evolving entertainment scene. born from the ashes of beirut's vibrant nightlife, these events have found a new home in dubai, offering a unique blend of music, dining, and social mingling under the stars.

samakjë harbor events

embarking on a weekly musical odyssey at samakjë presents an unparalleled experience, blending the enchanting vibes of dubai's nights with the universal language of music. each event from wednesday to saturday is crafted to transport attendees through time and culture, offering a unique journey through classics, oriental jazz, the spirited nights of beirut, and a melange of musical genres.

wednesday: best of classics

envision an evening where the clock halts, and the timeless music from the '70s to the '90s envelops you. this event isn't merely a night out; it's a journey back in time. picture dining under the stars as the melodies of the past play, each note reviving memories and emotions, all while dubai's skyline twinkles in harmony.

thursday: oriental jazz

thursday nights at samakjë transform into an extraordinary musical landscape where east meets west in harmony. the fusion of jazz's improvisational magic with the intricate melodies of the middle east offers a sensory experience unlike any other. it's an evening where the soulful saxophone and the mystical oud converse, creating a musical dialogue that transcends borders.

friday: layali beirut

fridays are dedicated to the heart and soul of beirut's nightlife. it's an evening where contemporary beats and traditional melodies blend seamlessly, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of lebanon. attendees are invited to immerse themselves in an environment that pulsates with life, echoing the resilience and vibrancy of beirut itself.

saturday: a thousand nights in one

saturdays at samakjë promise a kaleidoscopic musical journey. imagine an event where every song and note tells a different story, drawing from various genres and eras to weave a rich mosaic of auditory delight. it's a night where the spirit of a thousand nights comes alive in one, celebrating diversity and unity through music.

each of these events at samakjë is designed to offer a unique exploration of music and culture, set against the backdrop of dubai's mesmerizing beauty. for those seeking an immersive experience that blends culinary excellence with musical innovation, samakjë's weekly musical odyssey is a journey worth embarking on.

samakjë's harbor events offer more than just entertainment; they are a cultural rendezvous that brings together food, music, and people. each night is a unique exploration of sounds and tastes, making samakjë a cornerstone of dubai's dynamic nightlife. whether you're a music aficionado, a food lover, or someone searching for a memorable night out, samakjë's weekly musical odysseys promise an experience like no other.

visit our harbor events page for more details and to make your reservations.


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