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Best Dubai Weekend Activites: Family Lunch at Samakjë

samakjë is synonymous with traditional mediterranean hospitality, making it the best choice for family ocassions to just sit down and enjoy a peaceful lunchtime. the restaurant's devotion to creating an unforgettable dining experience manifests itself in a well-put-together menu, a must for anyone who wants to explore different flavours and cuisines, a menu suitable for the whole family.

samakjë's weekend family lunch is a tapestry of flavours, tailored to delight both the young and the seasoned palate. their menu stands as a testament to their prowess in dubai's culinary scene, offering an array of dishes that exemplify freshness and traditional flair:

  • mezze: begin with a selection of appetizers like vibrant tabbouleh, tangy fattoush, creamy hummus beiruti, smoky moutabal, and the delicately wrapped vine leaves. don't miss the samke harra, a spiced fish delight, or the rich batata harra and fatteh bizr, perfect for sharing.

  • main course: choose between the grill's sizzle with options like grilled or fried fish from the fresh seafood display, a showcase of samakjë's commitment to the finest oceanic fare.

  • dessert: conclude with a sweet note from our fruit platter or indulge in the cheesy goodness of cheese kunafeh, a dessert that weaves tradition with indulgence.

the ideal scene for a family lunch in dubai

samakjë has an appealing atmosphere that, among other things, designates it to be dubai's most preferred family lunch dubai. for instance, the venue may be indoors, however is filled with an ambiance of elegance and sophistication. the setting creates an inviting atmosphere for families to gather and share a meal.

activities and entertainment for every generation

samakjë provides different activities to entertain the little ones that allow parents to have a break and enjoy their meals. this philosophy explains why samakjë is name-dropped as a family dine restaurant in dubai that takes care of its visitors.

samakjë harbor shines in the area of dubai family restaurants having been chosen as a first-class option for that special lunch. thanks to its warm ambiance and considerations for children and adults, it provides all the conditions necessary for our family dining restaurant to fully reveal its soul. whether you live in the city or are just passing by, a family lunch at samakjë will become your favourite thing on the weekend, and the memories will become part of you forever.


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